Sunday, November 27, 2016

Be Careful Before Casting Stones At Fidel......

The death of Fidel Castro will surely be a cause for celebration for many Cuban-Americans. And, for most Americans, the end of an era. Fidel Castro was a constant thorn to the United States. He survived numerous attempts on his life, and truly stared down many Presidents as they saber rattled against his regime.

I am not an expert in Global Politics by any means. However, there were some things that we criticize Castro for, and give our own country a pass. Here are some examples:

Human Rights: No doubt, he deserves all the criticisms he will be given, however, what would happen if we took the energy we give Fidel, and examine our own abuses in our system of justice?

Energy: While Castro's system was antiquated, he did have an energy policy that made the country fully independent from big oil. Not an easy task to accomplish.

Shared Wealth: While Cuba is a poor nation, Castro did redistribute wealth equitably compared to the system that exists in the United States. He also rid the country of corporations that exploited labor for the benefit of the few.

Healthcare: Cubans enjoy universal access to Healthcare. No one goes bankrupt from getting cancer. The system of care in Cuba is well respected, and the citizens are well cared for.

Communism is the legacy that will surely be the narrative of Fidel's life. However, he did things boldly and challenged the world's superpower to look inside itself before casting stones at Cuba. Maybe, just maybe he has a point. As a country that has a system that benefits corporations versus people, maybe can look inside ourselves with the same energy we will give the death of Castro.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CNY Animal Allies - A Project From A Local Robotics Group

Decency Publishing is pleased to announce that we have a new blog. The blog is a creation of a local robotics group known as RoboMojo. The purpose of the blog is to help humans create positive connections to our animal counterparts. The emphasis is children with disabilities for their research project. Check out the blog for updates as the group moves forward.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Readership Is Up For 2016

Decency Publishing has seen an increase in readership this year. Our articles have reached over 100.000 readers thanks to shares and social media. Helped by a new Facebook page, our outreach has increased over 2015. The increase in articles and topics has also lead to our increase in readership.  Gains in Europe and Asia is the largest contributing factor to our growth this year. Hopefully, with the addition of new members to our Facebook page, along with new writers, we will see increased readership in 2017.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

We Need Five Startups for.... I SPY CNY

Decency Publishing is taking the next step to moving another ambitious project to being shovel ready. We are looking for 5 local businesses to write and promote for free on our new site. That's right. FOR FREE. We want to use the data from these promotions to start our business along with promoting yours.

The only qualifications for the free promotion are that you are locally owned business, you offer a unique product or service, and you have a passion to grow your small business. You can also be a new business or service needing to get the word out.

What we will do, in exchange for this research is come to your business, complete a profile, and see if we have a reasonable fit. Next, our writers will create a promotional draft for your approval. Finally we will blitz the local social media and track our success in promoting your business.

Too good to be true. In a sense, you are also helping us get our newest venture off the ground, so we want to reach out and get ourselves known. It is a win-win for the both of us. Please let us know if you are interested by posting on our FB page or Decency Publishing website. We will get back to you right away!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Is Decency Publishing?

Some people at this point might be wondering, what is Decency Publishing? Originally, the goal of Decency Publishing was to publish books both in paper and online publications. We have reached over 100.000 people the past 10 years and quickly will surpass 150.000 within a few months. This might sound like a lot, however in publishing, it is a drop in the bucket.

For the past 10 years, Decency Publishing included an online National Publication for Education Policies, books such as Cerebral Cinema and Quest For Human Decency, and numerous blogs. Some articles were syndicated and that readership is calculated on those sites. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the readership outside of our control.  In reality, we have reached more readers than we can track. I felt it was time for a change in goals this year.

For anyone who wants to work with us, the goals of the writing and publishing are quite simple. Promote subject matters that get people to think and challenge conventional wisdom. And for the past 10 years, we have done just that. Our articles and publications have reached over 90 countries around the world. Some of our blogs have been popular in Europe and Asia more than the readership in the United States.

This year, I felt it was time to expand the goals a bit. I always have had an interest in promoting the arts. So, we are expanding into artistic venues and helping others market their talents. I have always been a big proponent for education. I often have felt we lack offerings for kids and adults to expand their horizons. We will soon be offering educational classes for the first time! We want to encourage and promote authors of all ages to join the creative process. We will also be working with musicians and artists to provide support by collaborating with local businesses and communities. We will also market many aspiring artists on our new Facebook page.

We have other projects that are going to be exciting to announce in the future. We hope to make announcements soon. The title of the article was "What Is Decency Publishing?" In a sense, Decency Publishing is the promotion of arts and entertainment. Our goal is to be inclusive and a resource for our community.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Decency Publishing Is Expanding In 2016

Decency Publishing is expanding to new projects for 2016. We are excited to have a new Facebook page and marketing strategy. New goals for this year include forming an LLC and expanding our projects beyond online and paper publishing.

We are reaching out to new partnerships and will soon embark into a kickstarter campaign. Watch for future posts for further details. We also hope to expand into the lecture circuit throughout the northeast. Our talented group of writers are unique, and we feel an excellent addition to many higher learning classes.

Another area of expansion will include marketing. We hope to promote local businesses as part of our expansion with a very unique project knows as I SPY CNY. Stay tuned for further developments as we progress.

We always want to promote new authors and aspiring projects towards decency. Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page. You can like the page Decency Publishing by searching for it on Facebook.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Check Out The Mystic Bee

Our Decency Publishing page has a great selection of authors for readers to examine. Recently, with permission we are promoting the Mystic Bee. I am fortunate to be a good friend of the author, Deb Snyder PH.D. Deb provides insight that I have benefitted from for years. I am so lucky to introduce new writers and readers to her work. If you would like to write a book, or need consultation with your aspirations to write or speak, Deb is an excellent resource.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Coming Soon - I SPY CNY

I am really excited about a new blog I am working on. I SPY CNY will showcase unique products and services that are offered in the Utica Rome area. It is my hope to get the word out to help local businesses by promoting local offerings that many people are unaware of that are in their backyard. Stay tuned.....I SPY CNY Will launch in late January or early February. 

Dads Helping Dads and Cooking it up with Dad have strong debuts

Dads helping dads and cooking it up with dad have been very strong in readership. Together, they have over 2000 people that have read and shared the articles. The readership has extended outside of the United States. The importance of a father in a child's life is so important. Any positive contribution to encourage fathers to stay a part of child's life surely is great news!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Quest For Human Decency Is Getting Revamped

My oldest blog, and one that I have underappreciated over the years is the Quest For Human Decency blog. Inspired by the first book I every wrote and published, it is near and dear to my writing. I have never changed anything over the past 8 years up until 2016. It was starting to look and feel tired to me. It is my most popular blog approaching 10 thousand readers. It was time for a change. It is much brighter and easier to read. Due to the complexity of so many articles, I will be cleaning up the links so that new readers can read older articles with ease. So keep an eye on my very first, and special blog as we change it this year. Many thanks to the thousands of readers who have supported it by reading the articles and commenting.