Friday, January 15, 2016

Coming Soon - I SPY CNY

I am really excited about a new blog I am working on. I SPY CNY will showcase unique products and services that are offered in the Utica Rome area. It is my hope to get the word out to help local businesses by promoting local offerings that many people are unaware of that are in their backyard. Stay tuned.....I SPY CNY Will launch in late January or early February. 

Dads Helping Dads and Cooking it up with Dad have strong debuts

Dads helping dads and cooking it up with dad have been very strong in readership. Together, they have over 2000 people that have read and shared the articles. The readership has extended outside of the United States. The importance of a father in a child's life is so important. Any positive contribution to encourage fathers to stay a part of child's life surely is great news!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Quest For Human Decency Is Getting Revamped

My oldest blog, and one that I have underappreciated over the years is the Quest For Human Decency blog. Inspired by the first book I every wrote and published, it is near and dear to my writing. I have never changed anything over the past 8 years up until 2016. It was starting to look and feel tired to me. It is my most popular blog approaching 10 thousand readers. It was time for a change. It is much brighter and easier to read. Due to the complexity of so many articles, I will be cleaning up the links so that new readers can read older articles with ease. So keep an eye on my very first, and special blog as we change it this year. Many thanks to the thousands of readers who have supported it by reading the articles and commenting.