Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do We Live In A Lottery System Model Of Care?

For many years, it has occurred to me that public policy has taken to a lottery system of care approach to solving problems. What is meant by Lottery System? Simply, we tap into people's willingness to gamble on risk in order to support the perception that they put a few extra dollars in their pocket by supporting such a system. Here are a few examples:

Healthcare: Our Healthcare model is prioritized by risk. Prior to Obamacare, it was much worse. Yet, today we set premiums based on risk factors. For example, the young pay the least to insure themselves whereas the older adults will pay more. If you are not likely to need emergency care, you also opt for policies that have minimal risk for exposure to a serious incident by charging high deductibles. If you get lucky enough, you will never need to pay them. The entire system has lottery deadlines an protocols to receive care making it difficult for providers and those needing care to solve healthcare problems for individuals.

Education: Our model of education is similar. Charter Schools have a lottery system in some cases. Living in a neighborhood with a poor performing school, you can enter a lottery requesting a new school. There are deadlines for yearbooks based on income eligibility in high school. Academic achievement can be improved through a lottery process of prep classes. Some qualify, while others do not. Post secondary education has a similar process. Some affirmative action programs can lottery a person in a program or lead to your denial. High demand programs are sometimes use a lottery process to enroll a students. Missing student aid and scholarship deadlines can be a huge mistake.

Social Services: The system of care is based on knowledge of the odds. Miss a HEAP date, no help for you. Fill out a form wrong, wait another month to apply. Missed the date for signing up childcare assistance, you can not apply again. Rent assistance, HUD, and Food Assistance. All have elements of a lottery process.

There are many more examples. We lottery almost every service in this country. Would it not be simpler to streamline the process. After all, we spend billions supporting a lottery system of care. Why not directly target money to impact programs universally without mandates and complicated lottery measures? Is there a better system of care than the one we have now. Lottery systems are expensive and ineffective. After all, a dollar and a dream is just that, a dollar an a dream.

Decency Publishing Is Proud To Annouce The Additon Of Dads Helping Dads

Dads helping Dads is our newest blog. The blog will consist of inspirational stories and tips for dads who are struggling with fatherhood after divorce or the ending of a relationship with the biological mother.

The Fatherhood crisis in our country is one that can be greatly improved by outreach and support for fathers. Many organizations are starting to reengage dads. This blog will provided helpful links to connect dads to the resources necessary to maintain a positive relationship with mother and child.

There will also be parenting tips and helpful resources for domestic care of their home. The site is also interactive and hopefully dads will reach out to each other as the blog develops. If you would like to contribute to the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Check Out Inner Tapestry And Support A Great Organization

Decency Publishing is now featuring some of the articles through an online partnership with Inner Tapestry. Here is a brief bio of the magazine:

Inner Tapestry supports people in the discovery of holistic wellness, spiritual wisdom, and the celebration of life!
We have been a print publication for the past 15 years as Inner Tapestry Journal reaching tens of thousands of devoted readers and are now expanding our reach globally through the blessing of digital media. We are excited to offer interesting, informative, and uplifting articles, programs, and events. Inner Tapestry is brought to you by The HeartGlow Center, a 501c3 public charity dedicated to conscious living. Our content contributors are talented writers, teachers, artists, and best selling authors from across the world, all who donate their time and talents for the cause and for your education and enjoyment. Inner Tapestry is always FREE to read thanks to the support of our charitable sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, and kind people like you!

I have been friends with Dr. Snyder for 30 years. She is truly an inspiration and I look forward to working with her.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Enrichment Programs For Schools

Decency Publishing is proud to announce that we will be offering enrichment programs for schools. The focus will be character education, tolerance, and best practices for preventing bullying. We will expand our offerings at a later date. The link for our class offerings is available on our links.