Sunday, May 20, 2018

Has It Been a Year?

We are back! It has been a year since we posted any updates. Hard to believe. Ambitious projects await. 1000+ people read our archives a month, and we continue to write. Over the past year, many new articles were written. Check them out. New updates will be coming soon. Thanks for reading and enjoying our work.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jack's Music Corner (Coming Soon)

We would like to welcome a new writer to Decency Publishing. Jack Sehn will share his talents and give us our second Music blog. (Positively Genesis was our first) We are looking forward to see what Jack has to offer.

New Release - Cooking It Up WIth Dad

Decency Publishing has released another book: Cooking It Up With Dad. This will be part of a series of books that encourage dads to cook with their children. The recipes are a lifelong journey with my children. The link to purchase the book will be added to the blog.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dads Helping Dads

A new book was released by Decency Publishing this weekend. Dads helping dads is available on Amazon. Speaking series will start in the fall for non-profits and educational institutions. The focus of this new series is fatherhood engagement. This is a crisis in our nation as 24 million children on average wake up every day without a fatherhood figure.

Monday, January 16, 2017

CNY Animal Allies Launched Today

5 kids and an idea that helps animal assisted therapy. A project for the FLL (LEGO) league, this is a service project that goes well beyond the project itself. An idea of connecting humans to animal assisted therapies that demonstrates empathy of those who suffer from mental and physical disabilities. This is also a project demonstrates that early childhood learning experiences can shape a child's view of the world. I am very proud of this release, and encourage others to reach out and get involved in their community.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Be Careful Before Casting Stones At Fidel......

The death of Fidel Castro will surely be a cause for celebration for many Cuban-Americans. And, for most Americans, the end of an era. Fidel Castro was a constant thorn to the United States. He survived numerous attempts on his life, and truly stared down many Presidents as they saber rattled against his regime.

I am not an expert in Global Politics by any means. However, there were some things that we criticize Castro for, and give our own country a pass. Here are some examples:

Human Rights: No doubt, he deserves all the criticisms he will be given, however, what would happen if we took the energy we give Fidel, and examine our own abuses in our system of justice?

Energy: While Castro's system was antiquated, he did have an energy policy that made the country fully independent from big oil. Not an easy task to accomplish.

Shared Wealth: While Cuba is a poor nation, Castro did redistribute wealth equitably compared to the system that exists in the United States. He also rid the country of corporations that exploited labor for the benefit of the few.

Healthcare: Cubans enjoy universal access to Healthcare. No one goes bankrupt from getting cancer. The system of care in Cuba is well respected, and the citizens are well cared for.

Communism is the legacy that will surely be the narrative of Fidel's life. However, he did things boldly and challenged the world's superpower to look inside itself before casting stones at Cuba. Maybe, just maybe he has a point. As a country that has a system that benefits corporations versus people, maybe can look inside ourselves with the same energy we will give the death of Castro.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CNY Animal Allies - A Project From A Local Robotics Group

Decency Publishing is pleased to announce that we have a new blog. The blog is a creation of a local robotics group known as RoboMojo. The purpose of the blog is to help humans create positive connections to our animal counterparts. The emphasis is children with disabilities for their research project. Check out the blog for updates as the group moves forward.